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2-4/11/2015, Berlin : Rupture and Rapprochemant: Jewish – Non-Jewish Relations in Post-Shoah Germany

 Pour nos lecteurs se trouvant actuellement à Berlin : jusqu’au 4 novembre s’y tient une conférence (en allemand et en anglais) sur les relations entre Juifs et non Juifs dans l’Allemagne d’après-guerre.
Vous trouverez ci-dessous le programme.

Parution : Postwar Jewish Displacement and Rebirth, 1945-1967



Postwar Jewish Displacement and Rebirth 1945-1967, dirigé par les chercheurs Françoise Ouzan (Tel Aviv University) et Manfred Gerstenfeld (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) vient de paraître –  en juin 2014 – aux éditions américaines Brill. Cet ouvrage fait suite à une conférence internationale organisée sur ce même thème à l’Université de Tel-Aviv en mai 2011.

Cet ouvrage est déjà en vente mais les bibliothèques françaises ne semblent pas se l’être encore procuré. Nous espérons vous donner bientôt plus de détails dans un prochain article ! En attendant, vous trouverez ci-dessous une petite présentation par l’éditeur ainsi que la table des matières.


Présentation par l’éditeur :

This volume offers insights into the major Jewish migration movements and rebuilding of European Jewish communities in the mid-twentieth century. Its chapters illustrate many facets of the Jews’ often traumatic post-war experiences. People had to find their way when returning to their countries of origin or starting from scratch in a new land. Their experiences and hardships from country to country and from one community of migrants to another are analyzed here. The mass exodus of Jews from Arab and Muslim countries is also addressed to provide a necessary and broader insight into how those challenges were met, as both migrations were a result of persecution, as well as discrimination.

Table des matières :

Manfred Gerstenfeld and Françoise S. Ouzan : Diverging groups of Jewish Displaced Persons.

The Plight of the Uprooted : Social and Legal Responses
Sergio DellaPergola : Reflections on the Multinational Geography of Jews after World War II
Jacques Amar : The Law of Return: A National Solution to an International Issue, 1945–1967
Ada Schein : Healthcare Services for Holocaust Survivors in Post-war Austria, 1945–1953: A Pattern of Jewish Solidarity

Post-War Jewish Migration and Czechoslovakia
Kateřina Čapková : Dilemmas of Minority Politics: Jewish Migrants in Post-war Czechoslovakia and Poland
Ján Laniček : The Post-war Czech-Jewish Leadership and the Issue of Jewish Emigration from Czechoslovakia (1945–1950)

Post-War Reconstruction of Jewish communal Life and Dynamics of Identities
Izio Rosenman : Life during the Camps and After: Displacement and Rehabilitation of the Young Survivors
Françoise S. Ouzan : American Jewish Chaplains and the Survivors’ Return to Jewish Communal Life (1945–1952)
David Weinberg : A Forgotten Post-war Jewish Migration: East European Jewish Refugees and Immigrants in France, 1946–1947
Manfred Gerstenfeld : The Post-war Renewal of Jewish Communities in the Netherlands

Emigrating to Israel from Europe and the Middle East
Ewa Węgrzyn : Reasons for Emigration of the Jews from Poland in 1956–1959
Shmuel Trigano : Memories of a Forgotten People: A Conflict of Expectations
Yigal Bin-Nun : The Reasons for the Departure of the Jews from Morocco 1956–1957: The Historiographical Problems
Rafi Mann : Not Just a Language Barrier: Israel’s Media and Communication with New Immigrants in the 1950s