Mise en ligne de bulletins de synagogues de NY

bulletin21Les archives de la “Yeshiva University ” viennent de mettre en ligne une série de bulletins émis entre 1925 et 1994 par les plus importantes synagogues “modernes orthodoxes” de New York.
Ces bulletins sont consultables sur :


On y trouve entre autres les bulletins des congrégations suivantes :

  • Congregation Beth Israel of Washington Heights: September 1950-April 1980 (avec manques) ;
  • Congregation Beth Hillel of Washington Heights: November 1974-March 1980 (avec manques) ;
  • Congregation Beth Hillel & Beth Israel: May 1980-October 1992 (fusion de ces deux synagogues)
  • Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun: January 1925-July 1994
  • Institutional Synagogue: November 1937-June 1940
  • Lincoln Square Synagogue: November 1964-July 1994 (avec manques) ;
  • Young Israel of Parkchester: January 1943-September 1984 (avec manques).

Présentation du fonds par la “Yeshiva University”

Synagogue bulletins provide a valuable window into the mission, philosophy and activities of their parent organizations, as well as into the local community in which the synagogues function. They feature minutes of synagogue meetings, summaries of club and committee activities, news and opinion pieces on Jewish and community issues, and sermon excerpts and seasonal and holiday essays from clergy. They also contain brief public service announcements, event notices and local advertisements.

This collection of fully-searchable bulletins published by Modern Orthodox synagogues in New York City has been assembled from records held by Yeshiva University Archives.  Bulletins of the following synagogues are included:

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