Colloquia Humanistica : appel à article sur le voisinage et la présence juive en Europe

pageHeaderTitleImage_en_USLa revue de l’Institut des études slaves de l’Académie polonaise des sciences Colloquia Humanistica, dont les articles réunis sont publiés en anglais, lance un appel à contribution pour son prochain numéro. Cette année le thème sera le voisinage. Les propositions concernant la présence juive en Europe sont les bienvenues.

Les propositions sont à soumettre avant le 15 octobre. Pour plus d’informations, vous trouverez ci-joint et ci-dessous l’appel détaillé.
COLLOQUIA HUMANISTICA call for papers v.5

Call for Paper

The aim of COLLOQUIA HUMANISTICA, the interdisciplinary journal of humanities of the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, is to introduce a variety of perspectives in discussing contemporary issues. We would like to propose an unique space that would allow an intensive intellectual debate and a dynamic exchange of thoughts between researchers.
COLLOQUIA HUMANISTICA kindly invites submissions of manuscripts that addresses the topic: Neighborhood.
Neighborhoods have existed ever since people have begun to settle. It can be seen as a primary and fundamental form of social life and social organization. Not a state, nor any other kind of community with a more complicated structure, but this micro network seems to be the principal environment where the cultural notions and patterns of social behavior are being transferred, imprinted or questioned.
The notion of neighborhood can envelop a variety of different types of interactions elated to different cultural and political contexts. It could be seen as an enclosed network of relations forming a kind of system parallel to the higher level of political organization, as it was the case under the Ottoman rule in the Balkans. It can also transform into the social environment different from the centre, as the borderlands of cultures show in such regions as Podlasie on the Polish-Byelorussian border. Apart from these historical or ethnological perspectives, the notion of neighborhoods could help to analyze a complicated reality of contemporary urban spaces, where traditional ways of living are subject to spectacular change.
We invite researchers from different areas of humanities to participate in the discussion about the relevance of this notion. We hope to show its efficacy in contemporary research.
Please, submit the manuscript through the editorial and publishing system of the Institute of Slavic Studies of Polish Academy of Sciences via your personal account:
All the papers are published on the open access journal platform.
If you wish to contribute to the fourth volume of the COLLOQUIA HUMANISTICA, please send your paper by the 15th October 2015 to the editor of the volume, Maciej Falski (mf.falski(at)
All the author guidelines and submission requirements can be found at the website of the journal:

Merci à Audrey Kichelewski pour avoir partagé cette information avec nous.


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